Sell Limit Order

Always Sell Stocks using Limit Orders!
Limit order lets you control the price you want for the stock. Your trade is only completely executed once the price you set for the stock has been met or is in an acceptable range.

Selling Stocks using Limit Orders
Limit orders for selling stocks work in a similar fashion. If you have a stock priced at $30 and you want to sell it, you might sell it for a limit order of $29 implying to only sell the stock if the price you get for it is above $29. If the price is executed at $30, then you will get that price. If the price has fallen below $29 when your order is executed e.g. $28 then the order will not be processed until the stock goes at or above $29 after which your sell order will be for around $29. Conversely, if you only want to sell the stock for $31, you might place a limit order of $31 which will get executed as soon as the price reaches at or above $31. If that doesn't happen your order will not be fulfilled.

Quick Scenario Form reference to use while Selling stocks using limit orders:
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Scenario A)
Current Stock price:$30
You want to sell the stock that you currently have at the current price but don't want to sell it for below $29(remember market orders can give you a slightly difference price than the current one). So what do you do?

You place a limit sell order of $29!

When you hit the sell stock button either you will get the $30 price or something above $29. If the stock has fallen to $28.5 by that time, your order will not be fulfilled until the stock price goes above $29 again.

Scenario B)
Current Stock price:$30
You really want to sell the stock at $31. So what do you do?

You place a limit sell order of $31!

Now your limit sell order is open and the stock will be sold once the stock price goes at or above $31. You can control the expiration time of the limit sell order like previously stated as well.

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