How to find NEW stocks?

So with time, you would want to get better and better. That includes building a portfolio list to monitor that increases with time, which would be seperate from your actual investment portfolio. In the next section- "Monitoring Potential Stocks", we'll discuss how to monitor the list. This section will provide you ways on how to actually find new stocks. As more years pass by, your prospective stock portfolio list should increase as well, giving you more and more variety for your future stock picks.

Google Finance Trends/Yahoo Finance Market Movers
At the end of every day, you can navigate to Google Finance. While on the webpage, you should see a section titled "Trends" that should provide you different stocks e.g. stocks with the biggest price increases/decreases for the day etc. Yahoo Finance has a similar section titled "Market Movers" to provide you with similar information. You can check some of these stocks every now and then and if a stock appeals to you, you can add them to your prospective portfolio list to monitor. Another good way to utilize these sections would be to identify the biggest losers of the day. Some of these stocks could be worth monitoring for a future stock pick.

Jim Cramer's Mad Money- Daily TV Shows
Mad Money Daily TV shows can introduce you to new stocks as well. If you don't have the time to watch the shows, you can visit online anytime at your convenience and read the transcript(located next to the video) of the video for a quick glance. Often times, the transcript should list stocks that are worth buying or selling or that are evaluated in the video.

Wall Street Journal/The New York Times/USA Today Newspaper
Different sections of these newspapers can provide you with discussions or quotes on various stocks.

Brokerage Websites
You can log onto your brokerage website and go to the research section>stock/investment screener where you can search stocks based on certain criteria e.g. P/E ratio, Market Cap etc. You can also use the brokerage website's generic search functionality to search for a particular stock which sometimes can also provide you with Ratings information as well.

IPO(Initial Public Offering)
You can find a list of upcoming or new public companies(that you can actually trade) at

Benchmark Indexes (Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq)
Another way to find new stocks include the benchmark indexes themselves. Since the indexes comprise of actual stocks, you can try find all the stocks in the index. For instance, you can do a google search for "list of stocks in Dow Jones" or "list of stocks in S&P 500" and you can find the actual list. Dow should provide you with 30 stocks, S&P 500 should provide you with 500 while Nasdaq should provide with around 3000.

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