Day Trading/Stop Loss

Day Trading
Day trading is speculating in financial instruments such as stocks/ETF by buying and selling the instruments on the same day.

Stop Loss Order (To Sell Your existing Stock)
This is a type of order that you place that limits your losses by automatically selling your existing stock if the stock price falls BELOW a certain price. This can help limit your losses if you anticipate that the stock price will keep on falling even further.

An average individual investor does NOT normally engage in Day trading(domain of professional traders) due to its short-term nature. Also, since a volatile stock can incorrectly activate the Stop Loss order, you may try an alternative approach such as Dollar Cost Averaging or manually selling your whole position when the time is right.

Keep in mind, that if you're placing a stop loss order on a newly bought stock, then you probably didn't pick the right stock in the first place.

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