Summary- Standard, Weekly and Mini Options

1)Quick Recap - Standard, Weekly and Mini Options - What are they?

Standard Options(Regular Options)

Standard Options are Monthly options that expire on the 3rd week on every month. Each contract is for 100 shares.

Weekly Options

Weekly Options last for approx a week and are offered every week except the 3rd week(that week is for Standard Option). Each contract is for 100 shares. Weekly options are like Standard Options in their last week.

Mini Options

Mini Options are cheaper versions where each contract is for 10 shares only. Mini options are available on both Standard and Weekly options. Mini Options cost approx 10 times less than Standard or Weekly options.
The time value decay and the exercising logic concept is similar for all the different types of options on equities above.

2)Quick Recap - Standard, Weekly and Mini Options - When to use What?

In General:
Use Standard Options if you want to give the underlying stock more time (more than 1 week) to make the anticipated move OR if the 3rd week has just started and you want to bet in less than a weeks time (No Weekly options during 3rd week).
Use Weekly Options to speculate on major events happening in less than 1 weeks time. e.g. Earnings events and FDA drug approval events.
Use Mini Options, if you can't afford to buy the standard or weekly option but still want to bet on that stock.

3)Placing a Weekly and Mini Options Order

Please preview the previous few sections and then click the link on the left menu titled "How to place an Options trade?" to provide you with relevant information that can help you place the trade. For additional information, try researching your brokerage's website trading option section.

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